Packaging & Storage


J. Rotbart Security values your precious assets as our own. We tailor state-of-the-art, secure global storage solutions to your specific needs, from size and shape to location and storage period. Mellan Shipping Company Ltd offers you secure global storage solutions, whether you purchased bullion from us or not.

We help protect all your valuables, whether precious metals or documents, fine art, or family keepsakes. And because your assets are like no one else’s, J. Rotbart Security will organize the right fit for you. Do you need a safety deposit box? Or perhaps you require something more substantial in size like a private safe or vault? Your items are segregated in their own space and are accessible only with your permission. Also, everything is under your name. In addition, all your assets always remain under your name and full ownership.

Furthermore, we have access to secure facilities in strategic locations around the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Wellington, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Zurich, Geneva, and Frankfurt. We can also provide bespoke storage services in other locations upon clients’ requests. You can keep your assets safely wherever you wish, for however long you need. With Mellan Shipping Company Ltd’s global secure shipping, you can transport your valuables to any of these safeguarded locations and other strategic locations globally (per clients’ request), with the confidence and professionalism of investors around the world trust.

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