About Us


Mellan Shipping Company Ltd features a team of professionals who are experts in every aspect of Gold and Silver buying, selling, storing, transporting, assaying, and financing precious metals. With years of experience in precious metals management, trading, and logistics, we offer unique insights and bespoke solutions for physical bullion bars and coin assets. Ownership of physical Gold and Silver is proven to be a safe haven investment that weathers the ups and downs of fickle markets and fortunes.

Investing in Gold, Silver and other precious metals diversifies our clients’ investment portfolios and protects their long-term wealth and the legacy that they are building for their families. Our team is fully committed to making investments in physical Gold and Silver as secure and simple as possible. Under the strong leadership of industry expert Joshua Rotbart, our skilled team seamlessly and efficiently handles all our clients’ precious metals needs with the utmost professionalism and the very best in customer care.



To digitalise the traditional paper-based logistics industry, to empower companies to automatise their logistics operations, to help freight forwarders and transporters fill up their trucks, and to provide pre-negotiated quotes for anyone.


To build the ultimate logistics hub where nothing is impossible.


The following principles reflect our values, define our culture, and guide our actions:

  • Lead with humility and respect.
  • Earn trust through authenticity and accountability./li>
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, associates and suppliers.
  • Practice servant leadership and demand the highest standards.

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